Monday, February 25, 2008

UHU Glue

This post is way overdue! I have been inundated with so many computer problems that I have not been able to post or update anything for a long time. Hopefully I am finally done with computer issues! Anyway.... I received some wonderful samples of UHU glue to try out and I must say they are TERRIFIC!! I received glue sticks, scrapbookers pens and glue runners. The glue stick is unlike any other glue stick I have ever used. It glides on smoothly and does not gum up like all other ones I have used. The scrapbookers pen is like having a gel glue but in a pen shape that squeezes out in a thin line. It's thick enough to hold tight right away but yet you are still able to move your paper if needed. It also drys clear. The glue runners roll on smooth and I used them this past weekend at a paper crafting retreat without any trouble like I have had with other runners. And believe me when I tell you I was using those runners all weekend and only used two up. Last year at the same retreat I used up 6 things of double sided tape plus some yes glue and glue I borrowed from other crafters. This year we used more glue because we had more projects. WOW! is all I can say.. You must try them. They are great!


amitchell said...

Thanks Camille for your review. I'm so glad that you liked the UHU glues we sent you and really glad that they all worked out for you.

UHU Public Relations